North Carolina

North Carolina

Upstream North Carolina is a multi-year initiative launched by Upstream USA to ensure all patients have access to the full range of birth control methods in a single visit by providing training and technical assistance to health centers.

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In North Carolina, at least 54% of all pregnancies are unintended.

Publicly supported family planning centers in North Carolina met 27% of North Carolina women’s need for contraceptive services and supplies in 2013.

Upstream is working to expand opportunity by reducing unplanned pregnancy and improving outcomes for parents, children, and society.

Source: Guttmacher Institute

How we’re increasing access to contraception in North Carolina:
Providing training and technical assistance to publicly funded and private healthcare providers across the state to ensure their patients are offered the full range of contraceptive methods in a single appointment at no or low cost.
Working with state agencies to ensure that there are no barriers preventing women from accessing the same-day birth control method of her choice.
Increasing public knowledge and awareness of contraceptive options and where low or no cost contraception can be obtained through consumer marketing campaigns.
Evaluating Upstream North Carolina so that the impact of our work can be understood both in and outside the state.
"We were particularly impressed by a presentation from Upstream, a program that asks one simple question: “Do you intend to get pregnant in the next year?” If the answer is “Yes”, the woman should be connected to services that help ensure a healthy birth. If the answer is “No”, the individual should be provided with information about the full range of options to help with that decision, from abstinence to long acting reversible contraceptives. We believe pregnancy delay and prevention is an achievable goal for young people and is a worthy investment for our community. We also acknowledge the reality that low-income residents receive disparate health care information and service, specifically on reproductive health."

— Leading on Opportunity, Child & Family Stability Report

Our work in health centers


“I had absolutely no idea of how involved Upstream would become in the inner workings of our health center, how connected they would become to our staff and providers and to the mission of the center, and how they would keep such a high energy level for the goals all the way through.”

— Dr. Tracy Kedian, Associate Medical Director for Perinatal Services, Family Health Center of Worcester

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