The IUD Vs. The World

The IUD Vs. The World


Marie Claire profiles Upstream

Marie Claire profiled Upstream USA and our mission to expand contraceptive access in Delaware in their July issue. We’ve reached over 80 percent of women of reproductive age in the state and research estimates Delaware experienced a 15 percent drop in unintended pregnancies.

For such revolutionary power, much of Upstream’s work comes down to one simple question: Do you want to get pregnant in the next year? Staff at health centers working with Upstream are taught to ask that question of every woman of reproductive age, even if she’s there for an unrelated issue like bronchitis or a bum ankle, in the way that nurses check blood pressure, height, and weight at every office visit. If the answer is yes, it triggers a chat about preconception care; if it’s no, it opens a dialogue about what the woman is using for birth control and, potentially, a LARC insertion.

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